Perspective is a major factor in stress relief. Learn how to change your perspective and take care of your mind with mental exercises, organizational skills, and other useful techniques.


Diet, exercise, and sensory input are just a few areas in which the body can receive or relieve stress. Discover how to take care of your body and feel better.


Bible study and prayer are often ignored in stressful times. Explore these and other spiritual practices that connect to the body and mind, build your faith and relieve stress.

"You cannot lead a child to a place of healing if you do not know the way yourself."

- Dr. Karyn Purvis

Creating Calm From Chaos Workbook and Other Announcements

Affiliate Links Affiliate Links What a time it has been over here! I have been quiet on the blog, but very busy behind the scenes. Have you noticed anything new, yet? There are a few new pages on this website! Coaching First, take a look at the Coaching page and let...
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When Connected Parents Do the Wrong Thing

Affiliate Links Affiliate Links I am a connected parent and I did the wrong thing. I messed up this evening. Big time. I broke connection and what could have been a minor inconvenience turned into an evening ruined. You see, transitions are tough. Changes in plans are...
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Moving from a Behavior Focus to a Regulation Focus

Affiliate Links Affiliate Links Once we understand that behaviors are symptoms, we can move from behavior focus towards regulation focus. Behaviors are symptoms of stress caused by needs felt. The stress does not have to be traumatic to count. If I am cold, I put on a...
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