Perspective is a major factor in stress relief. Learn how to change your perspective and take care of your mind with mental exercises, organizational skills, and other useful techniques.


Diet, exercise, and sensory input are just a few areas in which the body can receive or relieve stress. Discover how to take care of your body and feel better.


Bible study and prayer are often ignored in stressful times. Explore these and other spiritual practices that connect to the body and mind, build your faith and relieve stress.

"You cannot lead a child to a place of healing if you do not know the way yourself."

- Dr. Karyn Purvis

Sensory Gifts That Calm, Stimulate, Focus, and Strengthen Your Children

Have you thought about giving your children the gift of sensory play? Play is the language of connection and play that involves the senses is the best kind. I have gathered for you a list of gifts that calm a dysregulated child and stimulate the one who...
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To the Parent Wondering If Things Will Ever Get Better (Advice from an Adoptive Mom)

Chances are, you brought your little one home with great expectations. You knew your child had experienced trauma that would present itself in a variety of ways, but you felt that together you could conquer any obstacles. You were probably prepared with...
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The Best Stress Relief for Foster Parents, Adoptive Parents, and Parents Who Have Children With Special Needs

Are you down on yourself as a parent? You’ve learned better and tried to do better, but you just keep messing up. Do the needs of your children feel overwhelming? You have become consumed by the need to make everything right, but you see it’s just...
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