Here are your consulting and coaching for foster and adoptive parents! With years of training and experience in crisis intervention, parenting children from hard places, and stress relief, I am ready to assist you on your adventure.  Whether you are a foster parent, adoptive parent, or parent of any child affected by trauma, I can relate and help you develop strategies to relieve stress and facilitate healing in your home. I cannot wait to walk along side you!

What to Expect from Stress Relief Coaching

  • Someone who will listen with empathy
  • An understanding of the effects of trauma and stress on child development
  • An understanding of the effects of stress on all family members and their relationships
  • Assistance in pinpointing the main causes of current stress
  • Development of strategies to relieve stress and clear the way for healing

Strategies Used in Stress Relief Coaching

  • Strategies that involve mind, body, and spirit
  • Strategies primarily focused on the parent’s role in the attachment cycle
  • Strategies that lower stress for the parent first and then the child
  • Strategies that are sensitive to trauma and child development

Stress Relief Coaching Packages


  • In a pre-placement consultation, I will help you prepare a stress relieving environment for your new child or children. Together, we will envision how to set up your home, schedule, and activities for stress relief. We will explore your current strengths and weaknesses, and discuss how those may benefit or hinder the attachment cycle. Finally, we will develop a plan to address current and future stress. Package includes three calls or visits, plus one complimentary post-placement call.


  • Group coaching is a combination of my favorite things: teaching people about stress and the attachment cycle, helping families relieve stress, and publicly speaking face to face. I am available for training or workshops on one small topic, as well as day or weekend long retreats that cover a wider variety of topics. My topics of choice include, “Stress and The Attachment Cycle,” “Stress Relief Strategies for Parents and Children,” and, “God’s Design for Growth in Relationship.” I am also open to special requests.

Crisis Support

  • Some moments require more than a stress relief coach can offer, but still benefit from the support of someone who understands. This is short term coaching in which I offer emotional support and help you find lasting resources. We will work as a team to identify the main stressors during the crisis. Then, I will help you develop strategies to relieve your stress enough to make it through this extremely stressful time. This package includes initial contact, referral research, and two follow-up calls.

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