What a time it has been over here!

I have been quiet on the blog, but very busy behind the scenes. Have you noticed anything new, yet? There are a few new pages on this website!


First, take a look at the Coaching page and let me know what you think. I am so happy to have these newly designed packages for foster and adoptive families. One of my favorite things is having conversations with people caring for children from hard places. Nothing pumps me up more than seeing the lightbulb go on and a smile grow on a parent’s face. Maybe you will be the carrier of the next smile I see!



Want something you can do on your own? I designed this workbook to help you track behavioral symptoms and discover the needs behind them. The idea was birthed from this post. I hope it helps you in your journey. (Free when you subscribe to this blog. Just put your little email address in the subscription box at the end of this post.)


I have also developed a page of free resources available exclusively for subscribers. It includes the workbook above, as well as worksheets and printable reminders to use in your home. See subscription form at the end of this post or to the right to receive access!

Christmas Coaching

Finally, make sure you are following me on facebook. There is always something fun and inspiring going on there. Right now, I am getting ready to give someone a free coaching session for Christmas Stress Relief. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time.

So many families are hurting right now because it is just such a crazy, wonderful, colorful, noisy, traumatic time of year. Yes? My heart aches every year as I watch children feel out of control and parents wonder what they’re doing wrong. It’s ok. I’ve been there, too.

Let me hold your hand and encourage you for a little bit. I will listen with empathy and, together, we will bounce some ideas around to relieve some of the stress your are feeling. Will it be you? Well, you need to head on over to facebook now and check it out. The Christmas client will be announced Monday morning!

That’s it! It’s kept me a little busy but it has been fun and so worth it. I look forward to blessing you this season and into the new year!

What have you been up to?

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As a certified Stress Relief Coach, I am here to help you problem solve, develop strategies to reduce stress in your home, and empower you to facilitate healing in your family.

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